Quirky Canvas encourages self-confidence, fuels creativity and sparks artistic exploration. Here you can reflect, experience rejuvenation and find as much inspiration as you'll allow yourself. This is YOUR space for art.

Feeling nervous? No need to be!

Quirky Canvas is here to guide and cheer you on as you tap into your creative side, no matter how deeply buried.

It's art... it will be FUN!


"It was lots of fun! I was nervous, but Tammy makes a relaxed fun environment and now I'm ready to do more!!!"

- Melissa B.

"Tammy led my group in a creative discovery project. All 9 of us were so pleased with the time spent and outcome."

- Leigh B.

“A great time with a teacher/leader who encourages and takes you step by step. Regardless of how much you want to play it safe, she sends you out to try new things and makes the whole process a fun adventure. So many choices of media to choose from, let your inner kid go wild.” 

– Sherri M.

"I am not artsy fartsy, but under Tammy's direction and encouragement, I created something I LOVE and had a blast doing it." 


"This was way more fun that I ever expected. Let's do it again!"

- Jackie S.